Who are we

Eris Trading Nederland are producers and distributors of sporting goods and accessories.

The Free-skate brand (since 1998) offers a series of detachable, clap ice-skates. Eris Trading also acts as premier supplier of Salomon Nordic boots in the Netherlands and Canada. The combination of Free-skate and Salomon Nordic boots offers unprecedented ice-skating for active, recreational speed skaters.

Gyron Active Eyewear, founded in 2008, is a sports and active eyewear brand. At Gyron we produce lifestyle as well as sports performance sunglasses. Our passion is to develop and produce wrap around eyewear that provides full protection and comfort to people with an active lifestyle. We use better quality frame materials and lenses during the development process.

The brand Gyron Cycling offers a range of technical products for competitive cyclist. Our cycling products are OEM produced by companies that have proven their quality in production of similar products for  other high end brands. As all products at Eris Trading, Gyron Cycling products are produced with established know-how and proven technology.

Our product porfolio consists of products produced with our own brands as well as distribution and or sales of products from third parties.

Products are distributed to over 250 outlets mainly in the Netherlands. These outlets vary from general stores in sporting goods, bicycle shops, specialists in skating products, outdoor/adventure stores and motorcycle shops. Eris Trading products are also offered through several web based shops.

Sell your products?

At Eris Trading Nederland we are always looking for additional products to be sold through our channels. We aim to sell products that allow retailers to get a fair profit, whether products are sold in traditional physical shops as well as web based shops.

Do you consider selling your products in the Netherlands and are you looking for an active, medium size, distributor ? Please contact us to find out if we can help you.


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CBC offers boots that are anything but standard.



The Free-skate has been introduced in 1997. The nordic skate has offered a new way of ice skating. The fine combination of a reliable high quality skate and a corfatable and warm nordic Salomon boot offer stable skating with warm and no longer sore feet.


Salomon Boots

With the unique Pilot binding Salomon comes with a complete series of Nordic boots. The Salomon boots offer boots which have distinguished quality, functional and comfort characteristics.


Gyron Active Eyewear

Gyron Active Eyewear offer sportive sunglasses that not only make you look good, but also makes you feel good. Design, functionality and quality relfect a better price/perfomance than most competition.  Gyron sunglasses: not cheap, but why pay more.


Gyron cycling products

Gyron Cycling Products is a genuine Dutch brand owned by Eris Trading BV. Gyron Cycling Products offer a range of items for active and competitive cyclist. All items combine light weight, high quality and great usability.  Gyron Cycling Products are OEM produced by established companies from all over the globe, that meet our quality and price standards. Gyron Cycling Products: great fun at a fair price. For the winners of tomorrow and the victors of the past.



Iedereen die veel sport of last heeft van zweetvoeten, kent de muffe geur van stinkschoenen. De Shoefresh is het enige apparaat dat schoenen snel droogt én duurzaam verfrist. De Shoefresh doodt namelijk de schimmels en bacteriën die voor zweetlucht zorgen. Uw schoenen in twintig minuten weer fris en droog.



Knap'man compressiekleding is ontwikkeld in samenwerking met fysiotherapeuten en sportartsen. De kleding bevat een unieke compressiewaarde, waardoor de spieren optimaal worden ondersteund.